Tips and Tricks to Save Time and Money When Required to Travel for Business

Advancements in technology in aeroscience have significantly lowered the cost of air travel to the point where companies are better off paying for travel expenses than hiring multiple people for the same role. People who work these kinds of jobs are lucky that they get to see some cool places, but it’s time consuming and living in a hotel room can get old fast. If your job requires you to travel, here are some tips and tricks we’ve come up with over our combined years of experience.

  • Make a “Go” Bag, Keep it Packed and Ready to Go at All Times
    • Go to your local big box retailer or favorite luggage supply store and look for a nice sized carry on and travel garment bag. Be sure the carry on will be small enough to not cause issues, yet big enough to hold your stuff. When you are at home before you take off, have plenty of business cards and other promotional tools made up, and keep them in a side pocket.
      • Buy travel toiletries.

Since you will be flying a lot, get a solid and durable travel toiletry bag. Check the TSA rules and regulations. They have size restrictions and must be 100% transparent. When you pack your carry on, always pack it at the top to speed up all security lines.

  • Do laundry

If you are traveling for longer than normal, don’t back a new bag. INstead take advantage of the hotel laundry service, chances are you can charge it as a company expense and it’s incredibly convenient. If you can’t get the company to expense it, you can do it cheap at a local laundromat.

  • Book in Advance and Bundle to Save Money
    • Check all of the most popular travel websites for promos and deals. Usually these sites will allow you to turn on low fare notifications if you know your travel dates. This way you don’t waste valuable time checking fares everyday.
      • Bundle car, hotel, flight.

Another great feature of these sites is the ability to bundle your flight, rental car, and hotel room all into one reservation for added savings. Not only does this save you money, but it makes everything a lot easier on you when you finally arrive after a hard day in transit.

  • Always look for long stay discounts.
  • Look for Rewards Programs

Since you are making the reservations but the company is paying for it, you basically get free rewards at the expense of the company. We suggest you find an airline you prefer, hotel you love, and rental car company that offer rewards and loyalty points. After they add up, you can use them when you finally take a personal vacation.

  • Keep a Constant Supply of Healthy food at Home for When You Return

There can be nothing worse than travelling all day to come home to an empty fridge or freezer. Get a supply of Medifast foods so you will always have something healthy and easy to prepare after those long days of travel coming back home.